Sae what?

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yeh.. what you said.

The Twenty-Third. July 2013.
I have known a Great Guy.
For a long time.

But he disappeared.
Out of nowhere.

No goodbye
I’ll be back
Don’t worry.
None of that.

So I worry.
A lot.
2 months and still nothing.
I’m not angry really.
Just upset.

You will read this I’m sure.
I know you too well.
When you do.
Contact me.


The Fifth. April 2014.
The mind is a beautiful thing
And so are words.

It was this very weekend
A year ago.
I can recall almost everything.

The way his eyes glistened
As he came out of the kitchen to greet me.
His warm hands and strong handshake.
The raven black hair.

The way his hands would move over the keys
The gesture he would make before saying something
The pride in his smile.

It’s a little hard to believe this was all a year ago.
I can remember everything with ease.
The crease in his white shirt
His hatred for thin ties.

The mind. Although beautiful
Is a scary thing

The Thirty First. March 2014
It has already been more than a year.
How things can change within 12 months.

Hugo is doing well.
Better than well really.
My infatuation with him has long passed.

Travelling to London and back again.
I’ve spent a quarter of March travelling now.
Interviews. Conferences. Sight Seeing.

But Spring is back.
And love blooms on trees.
It’s beautiful to see really.
And to experience.

Fluttering hearts.
Unrequited loves.
All under the beautiful canopy of pink and white flowers.

Why couldn’t spring be immortal?

The Sixteenth. March 2014.
This past week has been busy.
London. Cardiff.
I’ve travelled a lot.

Cindy is well.
The weather is warmer.
I finally got to write to her.

Meeting people from new places.
Western Samoa. Canada. Nigeria.
It’s lovely getting to know them.

I guess I’m a little lucky.
A small concert for myself.
Courtesy of The Great Guy.

Then things got busier towards the end of the week.
Blood. Cake. In-Laws on Thursday.
Lunch at Zaza On Friday with College friends.

Stake conference Weekend.
A very special someone in attendance.
5pm Saturday session.
YSA dinner at Mr. Hua.

Sunday Session.
Spiritual upliftance.
Lunch At Oriental Palace with the main Chinese group.

Trek up to Newcastle.
Short nap.
Trek to North Shields.

The Seventh. March 2014.
I have been long overdue a post.
A lot too long.

The Twenty-first . August 2013. He left.
His replacement also gone.
The north is a little less appealing now.

A lot has changed.
Many weddings.
A few funerals.

Hugo lives happily now.
In the land of his fathers.
I’m stuck stagnant. Still in the north.

Career changes.
University applications.
Dentistry School Interviews.

More friends.
Tenji. Zaza. Moji. Aneesas.
Valentine’s Day. New Year’s Eve.
Talking to great guys.

The Twelfth. February 2014.
My first nephew is born.

My mother left.
One month alone.
Feels awful. Meal for one.
Two more weeks.